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Fascinated by societal sustainability I am interested in unusual, new materials and how I can manipulate those. I see myself as a pioneer who, by means of combining technology, art and science, shows how art can contribute to a strategy of sustainable development.


Since graduating in 2013 I have focused on understanding, controlling and manipulating unusual materials. In projects such as Filter Factory (2013) and Leek Packaging (2017), I have explored the possibilities of using waste streams to create new opportunities. Since 2015 I have been combining waste streams such as overdue foods with new, promising technologies in synthetic biology. This resulted in projects like The Art of Deception and The Meat Project.


Within my work I combine different media, using techniques and media tools either to experiment and document or to strengthen the message with video and visual images.

My work has been shown in a variety of museums, galleries and exhibitions in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy, USA, Austria, Hungary, United Arabian Emirates, China, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. My work is part of several private collections in Europe and the USA. "The Meat Project" is part of the permanent collection of The Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Isaac Monté collaborates with In4Art for the project Prosthetic X.

Further on his work is supported by Creative industries fund nl, SIDN and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

Schiemond 20
3024EE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

0031 615 88 66 97

General inquiries:

Press inquiries:​

We are looking for interns.

Requirements for interns:
- Good time keeping and work ethic
- Good skils in model making
- Good Adobe skills
- Strong visual communication skills
- College (Hogeschool/academy) or  
  university level

To apply please send your CV and portfolio


ART[s] 09 - Arts Gallery Simone Jansen

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

May 2024


Brussels Collectible - with Spazio Nobile
Brussels, Belgium

March 2024


Centre d'Innovation et de Design (CID)
Le Grand Hornu, Belgium
Mar. - Aug. 2024

NOMAD - with Spazio Nobile
St. Moritz, Switzerland

February 2024

NEMO, The Studio 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jan. - Dec. 2024

Salon Art+Design - with Spazio Nobile

New York, USA

November 2023


Evolving Harmony, De Kazerne
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2023 - Jan. 2024

PAD London - with Spazio Nobile
London, United Kingdom
October 2023

North Sea Jazz
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
June 2023

Design Museum Holon
Holon, Israel
May - Oct. 2023


Spazio Nobile Studiolo

Brussels, Belgium

Apr. - Sep. 2023


NOMAD - with Spazio Nobile

Saint Moritz, Switzerland

Feb. 2023

Bozar Museum
Brussels, Belgium
Feb. - Apr. 2023


Living Ikebanas - Spazio Nobile at Home
Brussels, Belgium

Dec. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Apr. - Aug. 2022

The Grey Space in The Middle

The Hague, The Netherlands

Nov. - Dec. 2021

Salon Art + Design

with Culture Object, New York

Nov. 2021

Luxembourg Art Week

with Spazio Nobile, Luxemburg

Nov. 2021


Dutch Design Week (Digital)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2020



V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, The Netherlands

Mar. - Jun. 2020

Design Society

Shenzhen, China 

May. 2020 - Oct. 2020

Collect Fair with Mint Gallery

London, UK

Feb. - Mar. 2020

Design Society

Shenzhen, China 

Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020

The Lowry

Manchester, The United Kingdom

Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020

Design District - Van Nelle Fabriek

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jun. 2019

Art Breda - Art Gallery Voûte

Breda, The Netherlands

May 2019

Shadows - Art Gallery Voûte

Schiedam, The Netherlands

Mar. - May 2019

When The Dust Has Settled - St. Job Building

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mar. - Aug. 2019

La Fabrique du Vivant - Centre Pompidou

Paris, France

Feb. - Apr. 2019


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Feb. 2019

Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet

Ars Electronica - Hyundai  Motorstudio Beijing

Beijing, China

Nov. 2018 - Mar. 2019

Biennale Interieur - Gallery Spazio Nobile

Kortrijk, Belgium

Oct. 2018

New Design By Old Friends - De Kazerne

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2018 - Mar. 2019

Error - The Art of Imperfection, Ars Electronica

Linz, Austria

Sep. 2018

Santopalato - Studio Galeria

Budapest, Hungary

May - Jul. 2018

Art Brussels - Spazio Nobile

Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium

Apr. 2018

Ventura Dubai - Dubai Design Days

Dubai, UAE

Mar. 2018

Brussels Collectible - Gallery Spazio Nobile

Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 2018

FAKE - Science Gallery

Dublin, Ireland

Mar. - Jun. 2018

Ambiente - Messe Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Feb. 2018

The Art of Deception - De Stroming

Ertvelde, Belgium

Feb. - Mar. 2018

Embassy of Food - Dutch Design Week

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2017 

How & Wow - Crafts Council The Netherlands

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2017 

Dutch Stuff - London Design Fair

London, UK

Sep. 2017

No Walls Expo

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jul. 2017

Ars Electronica, DRIVE. Volkswagen Forum

Berlin, Germany

Jun.-Sep. 2017

A Wild Thing- Designmuseum Gent

Ghent, Belgium

May 2017 - Feb. 2019

Ventura New York- Wanted Design

New York, USA

May 2017

Venice Design - Palazzo Michiel del Brusà

Venice, Italy

May-Nov. 2017

Crystallized - Gallery Spazio Nobile

Brussels, Belgium

Feb.-May 2017


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Feb. 2017

Origin Stories - Pamono

Berlin, Germany

Nov. 2016


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nov. 2016

The Art of Deception - Mediamatic

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017

BAL! Paleis Soestdijk

Soestdijk, The Netherlands

Jun.-Sep. 2016

Salone del Mobile

Lambrate-Milan, Italy,

Apr. 2016

Project Rotterdam - Museum Boijmans

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mar.-Aug. 2016

Next Up - De Kazerne

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Feb. 2016


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

February 2016 

Body of Matter - MU

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Nov. 2015 - Feb. 2016

Thing Nothing - Van Abbemuseum

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct.-Nov. 2015

Chilling in a Box - BioArt Laboratories

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

October 2015

Generation 2015

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jan. 2015

Brau Art

Dessau, Germany

Sept. 2014

Unter Zwichen Im Ampelhaus

Oranienbaum, Germany

Jul - Sept 2014

Urban Parasites

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jun. - Aug. 2014

Rethink and reuse - ING House

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oct. 2013 - Jan. 2014

Promise Promise - Frank Taal Galerie

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sept. - Oct. 2013


Ferropolis, Germany

Jul. 2013 

King Size - Ampelhaus

Oranienbaum, Germany

Jun. - Aug. 2013

Red Bull Music Academy

Antwerpen, Belgium

Mar. 2012

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm, Sweden

Feb. 2009

Publications - Magazines & Newspapers 

Elle Decoration, Jan. 2024

De Morgen Magazine, Oct. 2023


Jan Magazine, Oct. 2023

The Financial Times, Oct. 2023

Côté Paris, Sep. 2023

Het Parool, Jun. 2022

DAMN Magazine, May 2022

LXRY LIST, March 2022

WINQ, Dec. 2019

WOTH, Nov. 2019

Wohndesign Magazine, Nov. 2019

ELLE Decoration, Sep. 2019

Wohndesign Magazine, May 2019

Allicht Magazine, Apr. 2019

Vogue The Netherlands, Apr. 2019

Interior Business Magazine, Mar. 2019

Meubelplus Magazine, Mar. 2019

De Volkskrant Magazine, Feb. 2019

De Volkskrant Magazine, Jan. 2019

Elle Croatia, Dec. 2018

The Colour Book - Franklin Till, Dec. 2018

Linda Magazine, Oct. 2018

Libelle, Oct. 2018

De Volkskrant, 15 Sep. 2018

Wohndesign Magazine, Sep. 2018

Eigen Huis & Interieur, Jun. 2018

Trend&Style, May 2018

FD Persoonlijk, Dec. 2017

Résidence, Dec. 2017

Nieuwe Oogst, Oct. 2017

The Optimist, Sep. - Oct. 2017

Icon Magazine, Sep. 2017

Evening Standard, Sep. 20 2017

FD Persoonlijk, 24 Jun. 2017

TL Magazine, May 2017

Harper's Bazaar USA, May 2017

Elle Decoration, Mar. 2017

De Tijd - Sabato, Feb. 11 2017

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A10 New European Architecture, #69, May-Jun. 2016 

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Algemeen Dagblad, May 2014

Holland Herald - KLM Magazine, Oct.2013 

Bright Magazine vol 9 nr 53, Aug. - Sept. 2013

NRC next, Jul. 23 2013

Algemeen Dagblad, Jul. 2013

DAMn°34 Magazine, Jul. - Sept. 2012

DAMn°21 Magazine Apr. - Jun. 2009

Arkitekten, Feb. 2009

Aftenposten, Feb. 4  2009

Publications - Books

P. Kooiman, Volume, Lannoo, Belgium, 2018. Print. ISBN 9789401442701

G.Warriner, K. Sweetapple, Food Futures, Promopress, Spain, 2017. Print. ISBN 9788416504657

P. Vollaard, J. Vink, N. de Zwarte, Making urban nature, Nai010 Publishers, The Netherlands, 2017. Print. ISBN 9789462083172

Junte, J., Keuning, D., Think Dutch – Conceptual Design and Art in The Netherlands, Germany, DAAB/Frame, 2013. Print. ISBN 9783942597104 

Pracquin, M., Design & Design, book of the year vol. 2, Spain, Index Book, 2010. Print. ISBN 9788492643417

Publications - Online









Mixed Grill

Represented by

Culture Object

New York, USA


Mint Gallery

London, United Kingdom

Spazio Nobile

Brussels, Belgium

Art Gallery Voute

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Art Gallery Simone Jansen

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Coebergh Communication & PR

Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Henry van de Velde Award

Category Design Research


Brussels, Belgium

Winner - Silver


I4MS Disruptor Award

With Oviso Robotics & Europack Bulgaria
Budapest, Hungary


Bio Art and Design Award


Den Haag, The Netherlands


Henri Winkelman Award


Rotterdam, The Netherlands




Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Ronald Maaskantprijs



The Netherlands



2018 Bio Art and Design Award

Den Haag, The Netherlands

2018 Rotterdam New Talent Award

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Tilburg, The Netherlands
Apr. 2023


New Current
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jan. 2023

Musée Art & Histoire
Brussels, Belgium
Dec. 2022

Science Gallery
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Apr, 2021


Impact Studio, Pakhuis de Zwijger

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Feb. 2021

Dezeen - Artist Talk Dutch Design Week

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct. 2020

Border Sessions

The Hague, The Netherlands

Jun. 2019

Pecha Kucha

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jun. 2017

De Maakbare Mensch - ArtCoDe

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Feb. 2017

Design Matters - Pakhuis de Zwijger

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jan. 2016

Biotalk - Mediamatic

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oct. 2015

Art Week Rotterdam - NHOW Hotel

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Feb. 2014

Bright Night

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aug. 2013

Pecha Kucha

Gent, Belgium

Apr. 2013

Pecha Kucha

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mar. 2012


Academie Artemis

Dec. 2014, June 2015

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Workshops on Sustainability 



May, Sept., Dec.  2014

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Designworkshops with a focus

on sustainability and recycling


Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Dec. 2014

Utrecht, The Netherlands

In cooperation with Twynstra Gudde

Workshops on collaboration and co-creation

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