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Money, Meat & Plastic Surgery

Three designers discovered similarities in their work and joined forces, resulting in a presentation that raises eyebrows and provokes discussion. With their intriguing objects they react on social issues and transform overlooked problems into opportunities.

Rolf Bruggink, Bora Hong and Isaac Monté presented their latest work during Salmone del Mobile 2016 in Milan, Iltaly

Rolf presented Recycled Currency Seating Series: The Dollar Bench is made out of 3744 dollars bills, as a reaction on the shift of the dollar as the most important work currency.

Plastic Surgery Kingdom bij Bora, a series of iconic design chairs made out of old fifties chairs, reacts on cosmetic surgery.

Isaac tackles the problem of food waste and overproduction with The Meat Project, a series of lamps made out of discarded meat.

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