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Crystal Icons



Series of 5 crystallized iconic design objects

Various dimensions

Crystallized minerals

Commissioned by Spazio Nobile gallery Brussels 

Edition of 3 + 2 A.P

Crystallized icons is a series of iconic design objects covered in crystal. Covering the existing object with crystals changes its function. It elevates the object and transforms it from a functional product to an art piece. It can be compared to amber, a precious stone where insects and leaves can be found preserved. These fossils are of high value for the history of evolution. This series can be seen as an ode to the iconic design objects and it is a way to preserve these important icons for the future.The series consist of five iconic design objects; Aalto Vase (Alvar Aalto) for Iittala, Juicy Salif (Philippe Starck) for Alessi, 9093 Kettle (Michael Graves) for Alessi, EM77 Vacuum Jug (Erik Magnussen) for Stelton, Dombo (Richard Hutten) for Gispen.

I have been working with minerals to grow crystals and to conduct their shape and colour. By dissolving minerals in heated water, it is possible to create an oversaturated solution. During the cooling process these minerals transform into crystals. During the process of mineral screening I have developed a formulation which allows the formation of appropriate size and shape crystals, which remain stable and do not crumble or fall apart over a long period of time.


As designer I can influence the shape and the size of the product during the formation of the crystal and the growth of the crystals. I want to show the fusion between technology and the beauty of nature. I believe in incorporating the forces and beauty of nature in future design.

Special thanks to Alessi (IT), Gispen (NL), Iittala (FI), Stelton (DK), Kookpunt (NL), Creative Industries Fund NL, Richard Hutten, Spazio Nobile gallery Brussels 

Crystal Icons - The making of

Crystal Icons - The making of

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