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Les Sauvages


Collection of 8 masks

Fur from roadkill

Day by day we pass by dead animals in the streets. Most of them got killed in traffic. Instantly they lose their value of a beautiful living creature and turn into a piece of trash. Years have made us immune to this problem. It’s a fact we already recognize as typical for our busy traffic and lives.


The goal of this collection of masks, made out of roadkill fur, is to create an experience that is at once poetic, uncanny, meditative and stunning. I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, duplicate, play and photograph. It’s not my intention to shock, but to reveal the idea that objects that might have lost their value can still be beautiful.


By taking an everyday object that is intrinsically discomforting and by reframing and reinterpreting it, the viewer is being enticed to reexamine his preconceptions and prejudices.The masks are fetish inspired and made out of the fur of rabbits, hares and cats(roadkill).


For the project I collected roadkill and skinned and tanned them myself.

In Collaboration with Furlab Amsterdam.

Les Sauvages-Isaac Monté
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