Crystal Insects is a collection of jewelry consisting of a crystallized scarabee, dragonfly and praying mantis. The collection is inspired by amber, a precious petrified stone where insects and leaves can be found preserved. The insect bodies consist of night-blue crystal and the wings and antennae are made out of brass. The jewelry is unisex and can be worn by both women and men. The Crystal Insects can also be used as an interior jewelry.


Length: 8 cm | 3 in

Width: 6 cm | 2.4 in

Height: 2 cm | 0.8 in



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Crystal Scarabee Brooch

SKU: 011
  • Do not rinse or wash. 

    Do not place in direct sunlight. 

    Keep away from children and animals. Not food safe. 

    Avoid contact with water.