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Stone Printing - Giant Clams

2023 - ongoing

Series of biobased pastes and 3D extruder

Calcium + organic materials

With Stone Printing I redefine the possibilities of 3D printing by introducing a novel approach that is not only environmentally friendly but also artistically innovative. 


At the heart of Stone Printing is a self-developed cutting-edge, eco-conscious material. Developed from CaCO3, a byproduct of the limestone industry, this biobased dough is 75% recycled and free from chemical additives. This material not only boasts a low carbon footprint but is also entirely biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for the future.


In collaboration with VEDA 3D printing I have engineered an extrusion system designed for cold extrusion of biobased materials. This system seamlessly interfaces with several 3D printers and robotic arms offering versatility in print dimensions.


Diversity is paramount, and a library of over 200 color swatches, derived from natural pigments, underscores my commitment to aesthetic variety. Meticulous experimentation allowed me to manipulate the white hue of the calcium-based paste, unlocking a spectrum of colors for a broad range of personalized design options.


The final outcome is a series of functional design objects inspired by the spirograph—a geometrical design tool. My collection includes stools, side tables, mirrors, clocks, flowerpots, vases, acoustic panels, privacy panels, and shelves, seamlessly marrying form and function.


Beyond the creative realm, Stone Printing addresses sustainability on multiple fronts. Additive manufacturing with biobased dough sourced from recycled waste streams allows for customizable products while minimizing waste and reducing CO2 emissions. My on-demand printing approach eliminates the need for excess stock, aligning with my vision for a more sustainable future.


Stone Printing is more than a project; it's a testament to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. From the development of an open-source extruder to the creation of functional design objects and the exploration of biobased materials, Stone Printing transcends boundaries. 

With the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL

Isaac Monté Stone Printing

Isaac Monté Stone Printing

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