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Weaving Light​

2022 - ongoing

collection of light objects and sculptures

various dimensions

rope and LED 


With Weaving Light I introduce light in the interior in the form of a sculpture, object or curtain. I am fascinated by how the fibers of the rope refract and filter the light. By knotting the rope in different ways and by playing with the density of the braids,  the intensity of the light can be influenced. By experimenting with different thicknesses, different knotting and braiding techniques and different colors I influence the refraction of the light and create a filter. With these sculptures I make a combination of technology and traditional crafts. 



The use of rope and light comes from a fascination to create new materials. I start from a basic material (rope), which is translated into an end product by means of various manipulations (knots).  A labour-intensive process that is seemingly simple, but is translated into an intriguing object through repetition and a variety of techniques.

In collaboration with Giorgio Gasco

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

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